3 Full Body Slider Workouts Under 15 Minutes [Video Tutorials]

Follow these 3 quick home workout routines that burn calories and work your core using sliders or gliders. What I love about using core sliders is the variety of ways that we can use them so while this exercise will target the core, we’ll do a couple that also get our upper and lower bodies as well.

15 Minute Low-Impact Core Slider Home Workout

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What’s up rockstar? Awesome to see you. I’m Betty Rocker and last time I saw you we did a really great low impact, booty sculpt workout and I wanted to continue with the low impact theme, but with very good high intensity. If you’re at home today and you happen to have hardwood floors, you’re going to want to grab a couple of kitchen towels or sliders. If you’re on a carpet, what works great are things like paper plates, magazine covers, that you can rip off the cover of a magazine, Frisbees, anything that you can slide your feet on so that you get a little bit of movement and a little bit of resistance. I’m been using these old kitchen rags that I cut up, and we’re going to get right into this, and get some really great shred going out. You’re going to get, it’s a lot of core today, really core focused, low impact, core intense shred. We’re going to get a little bonus booty in there too and of course, some arms and shoulders because we are going to be holding ourselves up.

Do you best, follow along to the cues and let’s do this together. To start out with, what I want you to do is just get your feet on your sliders, kind of get comfortable. I’m just making sure that I have enough space. Sometimes my feet come off in the middle and then I have to readjust, so just make sure to get a nice comfortable position with your sliders. We’re going to start out with a modified version of a skater lunge. What I want you practice right now, is just sliding your right leg out as you bend your left knee. Slide your right leg back in and slide out with your left leg, bending your right knee. We’re just going to alternate.

Let’s go nice and slow, feeling that fire up your hips and legs. Belly button stays in and up, core’s nice and engaged. Our chest, we’re not like bending forward, you want to keep a nice neutral spine, erect torso, back and forth. Now go ahead and try getting your arms into it a little bit. I like to reach out over my foot as I go. This is really just warming up the legs, warming up the core, integrating the body parts. Just slide side to side, feel that resistance on your floor. Now some of you are going to have a lot more resistance right, depending on the surface you’re on. Let that challenge you. Embrace it. Get into your breathing here. I’m already feeling my heart rate responding, probably because I’m talking and moving too. Here’s a little view from the side for you so you can see what my knees are doing. They may go a little bit in front of your toes, not the end of the world. Just keep yourself upright and don’t bend forward.

Good. Let’s do 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, last one. Fantastic! All right let’s bring it down now to the floor and I want you to go ahead and put your feet on your sliders okay, just like this. We need our heels down on our sliders and we’re just going to work the outer thighs here. Now what we’re going to be doing is, holding our selves up in reverse tabletop. Shoulders are going to be really open here, chest really open, shoulders hugging back. And if this is a little bit challenging for you to have that pressure on your wrist, I want you to do this with the back of your arms and maybe even your upper mid back, resting on your couch or ottoman, okay. Give yourself some support here. It’s important to be where you’re at when you build strength.

For you, if you were going to be in the reverse plank with me, we’re going to start right here and we’re going to start just working the outer thighs. Let that resistance really work for you here. Really press down through the heels as we drive our legs in and out. Fantastic job! Good. Come on, breath, hold your core in. Try not to let your hips sag. I can feel my hips sagging a little bit so I’m just going to lift back up, strong grip. I’m going to make sure that my shoulders aren’t rotating forward. I’m going to really squeeze my shoulder blades back together. Really turn this into a full body movement just like this. Five, four, three, two, and one. Great job! All right, let’s flip it over. You knew this was coming. All right, we’re going to come into a tall plank all right? And for those of you who are needing a little bit of support for your wrists, or shoulders if you’re building strength there, do this either against the wall, up on your couch in an elbow plank, that’s also awesome, you will get stronger doing that.

If you’re down here with me, we’re going to step our hands just below our shoulders, engage that core nice and strong, and we’re just going to start running our knees one at a time up to our chest. Okay keep that belly button hugging in and up. Fantastic! Just like this, knees dragging in and up. Keep going. Nice neutral neck here, gauged to be about six inches in front of you. Of course you can look over at me as I’m looking at you. Good job. Keep going. Let’s go for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Drop to your knees. We’re going to take a quick break, do a little spinal balance.

Let’s go ahead and plant that left hand down, extend your right hand out straight, extend the left arm out, left leg out behind you. Take a nice breath here. Another one and on the third one we’re going to drop our elbow and knee together beneath our body. Extend out, draw them together. Extend out and together, squeeze everything in when you come in and fully extend and reach as you reach out. Awesome work. Come one, let’s do three, two, last one. One. Great job. All right, we’re going to switch sides. Extend that left arm out straight, right leg out behind you, and crunch it together beneath your body. Extend and crunch. Good. Awesome job, be where you are, you’re doing fantastic today. Just a quick little circuit to fire up our core and get our whole body integrated, and sweat it out, low impact, home workout, domination, keep it up. Last one and extend.

Plant your hands, plant your feet, okay. Now we’re going to take it back into another version of those side sliders. What we’re going to do this time, and if you were using your couch, this is when you want to go back to getting your arms up on your couch. You’re going to get back into that tall plank position, belly button hugging in and up, and we’re just going to drag our knees out to our opposite elbows. Keep that really strong plank form, keep those shoulders set just over your wrists, do your best, hang in there. Stop and take a break if you need to. Keep going. Remember, pushing yourself just to your limit and then pausing for a moment is how you get stronger. You don’t have to force yourself to do it all or feel like you’re a failure because you’re not doing everything. Do your best, that is how we get stronger, okay? Keep that positive attitude. You go this. Three, two, one. Back down. Go ahead and extend your arms out, plant your forehead on the ground, mat. Just stretch it out for a sec. Good job.

All right we’re going to do just a couple more quick moves to really finish you off. Just be quick, quick, awesome, low impact circuit, okay. Feet back on those sliders. Now again, this is a good one to get your upper back up on the couch if you’re using that, or if you’re on the floor, we’re going to revisit that reverse plank position where we lift up, we squeeze our shoulder blades back together, strong core. What I want you to try now is drag those heels to bring yourself into reverse tabletop, awesome. To give myself more control I extend one leg and then the other. We come up, extend out, come up, extend out, up, extend out. Good. Let’s go. Come on, keep those hips really lifting high. This working your core, your booty, your hamstrings, your shoulders, it’s a fantastic move, and you’re not going that fast, but you are building strength in all the right places to support and stabilize your hips and pelvis, so important, come on. A little bit more. Great, let’s do five, four, three, two, last one, come on. Lift. Hold. Lower down. Amazing job.

Okay, now I’ve got one really crazy awesome side core move for you that I was just working on today, I just put it together, and was playing around with this workout. I thought you might really like it. You’re going to come down. I’m just using this under my elbow to support me because I’m on a hardwood floor. I don’t have my mat out because I want to slide in my space. I’m just using this to support and cushion my elbow. I’m going to put my bottom leg down on the mat, and my top leg is going to actually be on my slider. Now you have two options here. You can either be in a tall plant like this on your elbow, with your leg down, or you can drop that bottom knee. Which I recommend if this is a new move to you or you just want to learn it, okay? I’m going to show you the full version.

I’m going to lift left arm up high, over head, I’m going to drop my hip, and as I come up, I’m going to reach for my toe. I know right? What the heck Betty Rocker? Crazy. Good. Remember, you can do this with that lower knee down to give yourself a little more control. You will be firing up those obliques big time. You don’t need to do too many of these to make it really awesome. Let’s go. Let’s do three, feeling that? Two, last one. Oh yeah, let’s come up. Do a nice side body stretch over. Nice job. Oh my gosh, check my hair. My hair is so dirty, oh my gosh. I’ve got it up in like the messy bun, literally today.

All right, so let’s put that bottom foot down, I keep getting confused. Top foot goes on the slider, because this is a new move, so thanks for learning it with me. We’re going to perfect it together. I can’t wait for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of this particular move, how it went for you. Lift up, either on your knee, or up on your foot, arm goes up just like this. Drop that hip and reach for your toe. Drop, reach, awesome job. Great work, come on, just a few more here. Three, two, and one. Amazing work. Let’s go ahead and stretch out that side body. Let’s see what time it is. All right, I got time for one more move. I’m just fitting in this quick workout between appointments today and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you.

I got one more killer core move. This is a little advanced so go ahead and try it on the side of your couch if you’re wanting to build up strength, or go ahead and try it with me, we’ll see how we do, okay? Let’s get our feet on the sliders, bring your hands down so you’re back in tabletop, lift those feet up, just like this, drag your knees into your chest, press away. Now I’m going to do something to try to lift my hips up high, and slide out, drag my heels and knees in, out, lift, out. In, out, up, out. It’s kind of like a knee slide, pipe slide, combo move. Now you can feel free to just do the knee slide here if you want to leave the pipe out. Maybe just try getting your hips up high, notice how that brings your shoulders right over your wrists. Good, we’re not going to do too many more, just want you to feel this move, because it’s epic for your lower abs. Great job. Three, two, last one, shoulders burning, so awesome.

Let’s go ahead and stretch our shoulders out and back, arms behind us, open up your neck and chest. Breathe. Awesome, awesome, awesome job. Thank you so much for doing that quick little circuit with me. I’m so glad you could fit that in. I’ll put the timestamp just below in case you want to do it a second time, you can jump right back to the beginning. Make sure that you’re really paying attention to your nutrition, because doing low impact workouts like this are so effective, especially when you combine them with balanced whole food nutrients that really support your body from the inside out. Make sure you are eating enough protein every day, make sure you are getting greens in every day, make sure you’re eating healthy complex and simple carbs. That’s healthy greens prepared properly so the fruit, make sure it’s all in a good balance, and healthy fat, so that you’re not constantly craving sugar, or starving yourself. So, so important you support your body in multiple ways. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. That’s what I do and that’s what I encourage you to do too.

Please feel free to browse my program’s page for awesome meal plans. Please use the resources on this blog for lots of healthy recipes, how to do meal prep, all kinds of great information. I’m Betty Rocker, you are so awesome and amazing. Leave me a comment down below. Let me know how you did in today’s workout and I’ll see you here real soon. Bye.

13 Minute Full Body Workout w/ Core Gliders

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Hey everyone. My name is Ashton August with Yogiapproved.com and today we’re here to work through a full body exercise, particularly targeting the core, using cores sliders or also referred to as gliding discs.

Now, for this tutorial, I am using the Slider X Gliding Discs by Epitomie Fitness but you can use any type of core sliders that you may have at home and if you don’t have a pair, don’t worry, you can always improvise. If you’re on carpet, you can use something like paper plates or Frisbee’s and if you’re on a harder surface, like I am, then you can use something like a wash cloth. When you’re ready, grab your core sliders and let’s get started.

What I love about using core sliders is the variety of ways that we can use them so while this exercise will target the core, we’ll do a couple that also get our upper and lower bodies as well. We’re gonna target all parts of the core through the exercises that we do, not just the top and bottom but also working into the side obliques and the transverse abdominis as well so you’re strengthening all parts of your abdomen.

Now, before we jump in, let’s quickly review how to really engage our core so we can get the most out of this workout. I’m gonna turn to the side to show you and just begin by kind of sticking your belly out. You won’t feel any energy here and you’re also gonna feel some arching in the lower back so from there, try to fill into your lower back by pressing naval to spine and then compress through your ribcage, so really knitting the ribcage together and then really engage the core, as if you’re about to get hit in the stomach. So that three part motion, naval to spine, knitting the ribcage, and engaging that abdomen. This is gonna keep your practice safe and give you the most benefit from these exercises. So keep this engaged and when you’re ready, let’s just into our first exercise.

I have dual sided core sliders so I’m gonna slide it down onto the fabric side, you do the same if you have dual sided. What we’re gonna meet in is a modified plank so you can even lift your legs and your hips up into plank first just so you get that general placement and then we’re just gonna set our knees back down. Now, you’re gonna keep your knees planted. You can release the top of your feet and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna lower down through a chaturanga pushup to target the triceps. Hug your elbows in and pause at the bottom as we extend the left arm long, pull it back and then press back up for one.

Alright, so here we go nice and slower, lower down, hug the elbows in, right arm out, in and lift. Now that makes one set so we’re gonna do four more for a full rep. Here we go. Lower down, core stays strong, left arm out and in, press up. Lower down, core stays engaged, right arm and up. Lower down, cores stays strong, left arm out and in, press up. Alright, now keep your pelvis slightly tucked here, press up, hug the elbows in, down. Good, that’s for four. Right side. And last rep through, here we go. Woo wee, final one and then as we come in, holding the heels in. A friendly reminder for these exercises, if any of these are really easy for you then just add on the reps. If any of them are really challenging or not quite attainable for you, just back off. That’s the beauty of this video, you can always add on or back off as you need.

When you’re ready, we’ll move into our next exercise, which is plank mountain climbers. Same basic position but we’re gonna bring our sliders down to our feet. Planting your hands, we want the sliders to be on the ball of our foot. We’re gonna come into our plank position and before you move anything further, make sure that your feet are in the center of the sliders and that your core is nice and strong, so no hips dipping. Alright? Engage that core, keep it strong and here we go. We’re gonna pull the knees forward. Now, you can stay slow like this, working on building the strength and if you want a little more, then we’re gonna speed it up. Keep that core engaged. Let’s get it for three, keep breathing for two and one. Good.

Now you can take a break or even drop down to your knees if you’d like but I’m gonna show you a different variation. We’re gonna get into the side obliques. Same basic thing but instead we’re gonna cross knees towards the opposite wrists. Fast or slow, you can speed it up a little. Let’s go for three, two, and release. Alright. Take a couple breaths there. That one’s a challenging one but it’s a great one cause we’re targeting the full front of the core and then working into the side obliques too.
Speaking of the side obliques, here comes our next exercise. We will again find our plank position and now we’re going to work into side oblique kicks, where we extend alternate legs. Alright? I’ll show you how it’s done. Here we go. Starting position, plank pose as you’re ready. Spread your fingers nice and wide, lift the knees. Now, variation number one is that we can bend knee to the outside of the elbow. This is a lot right here so really challenge yourself to make that knee to elbow connection. Good. Keeping your hips lifted. Keeping your core strong. One more round of these and then we’re gonna try a straight leg variation.

So here we go. We’re gonna kick and kick. Woo, I’m really breaking a sweat now guys. This one is super fun and super challenging. Stay with me for three, woo wee, two, and final time here. Wow. Feel back that burn and slowly release to the knees.

Now we’re going to combine them into a mountain climber side oblique drill. When you’re ready, meet me back in our original plank position, extend the legs wide and here’s how this looks. We’re gonna go climber, climber, climber, climber, knee, knee, knee, knee, so a four count of each. Woo wee. Keep it going. If you’re at home and you’ve got some music, turn it on and move with the beat, that’s always motivating. We’re gonna do one more full rep of each. Final side here. Woo wee, here we go. And release when you’re done.

Okay, let’s take a break from plank and we’re gonna stand up for this next exercise, which is a side cross lunge flow so we’re gonna move our sliders and come into a squat position. To start, bring your feet wider than hip width distance apart and we’re gonna squat into the starting point here. Now the first thing you wanna do is make sure that your feet are in the center of your sliders. Okay, so as you bend into your knees, bring your fists forward and stick your booty out as you keep your chest lifted. So starting point here and then we’re gonna take our left foot, we’re gonna cross it behind and bend that back knee, come back to center, squat and take it opposite side. We’re always staying low. Find a little rhythm, step, step, step, to center. Good. Stay with me here. Good. Now that we’ve got the flow of it, we’re gonna move a few times through, side to side. You can speed it up. You can slow it down but stay with me. Final two, here we go. I love this one. I don’t know why. I always enjoy this one. Final time, here we go, working that booty and then meet me where we started for three, two and one.

Okay, we’ve got two more exercises to go. This next pose is a bear pose flow. It’s really fun to do. Let’s check it out. We’re gonna come back to the ground. We’ll plant our hands, don’t worry we’re not doing anymore planks but we are going to start in a table top position, so for my yogi’s out there, you might be familiar with bear pose. Basically we’re gonna start with the balls of our feet on the sliders and then from table top we’re just gonna lift and hover the knees. This is our starting point right here and maybe this is enough for you because it’s really challenging to keep these core sliders stable. Now, if you want a little more, we’re gonna begin to draw little circles into midline. Now, notice that I’m not arching in my lower back. I’m keeping everything strong and engaged. Tiny, circular movements here working deep into the core. Let’s go. Keep breathing. Stay with me for three, woo wee, circle inward for two and last one here before we release.

Great job. Since we’re here, let’s just release to the top of the feet and do an inhale to lift the gaze and an exhale to round the spine just to counter those motions. Good. Come back to center. What we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna come onto our seat and move into our final exercise.

Last but certainly not least, we’re going to do a little bridge lift flow. From where you are seated, you’re gonna bring the sliders out in front of you and you’re just gonna lower onto your back to start as you find the sliders with your feet. Make sure that each foot is planted squarely on the slider and then relax your head down by your side. You’re also going to really press your arms into the floor. Here’s what this movement looks like, so we’re gonna lift the hips up for a bridge pose and then as we lower the tailbone down, we’re going to extend the legs long and then pull them back in, a little hamstring curl and lift.

Alright, so here we go. We’re gonna start from the bottom. We’re gonna lift, lower, extend, for one. Good. Pull in, lift, lower, extend, for two. You got it. Really focus on keeping the hips lifted nice and high as we rise, pressing shoulder blades into the ground and then extending and pulling so you want to keep the legs active here. Stay with me for final three, good, two and our final one here. For a little bonus, we’re gonna bring the heels back in and lift the hips nice and high. We’ll stay here for three, nice deep breathing as we begin to cool down, for two, good and last one here, deep inhale and open mouth ah as you slowly release the hips down and then let’s just hug our knees into the chest.

We did a lot of core work today, as promised, but it’s always nice to kinda counter those exercises with a few gentle stretches. Take another breath here. I like to wrap my arms around my shins and get a nice, deep compression. To neutralize the spine, we’re gonna end with a quick little spinal twist. Just draw both of your knees to the right and then reach your left arm in the opposite direction and shift your gaze over the left finger tips, take a deep breath in and out. One more side. Here we go. Come through center, bring the right arm out and as you drop the knees left you can send your gaze out over the right fingers. Nice, deep breath in and out. Good. We’ll slowly come back. One more little squeeze here and then we can just roll of to one side and press up.

Alright you guys. Well there you have it, a short but definitely effective full body strengthening routine using core sliders. You can always add reps, add different exercises or back off as you need. Just remember to take it slow, keep it safe and don’t forget about that abdominal engagement. Again, I’m using the Slider X Gliding Discs by Epitomie Fitness and if you are on the market for a core slider, look for one that’s dual sided so you can use them on carpet or hard surface.

Be sure to subscribe to our yogi approved YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our latest videos. I’ll see you next time.

12 Minute Full Body Slider Workout

Open Instructions
For today’s workout you’ll just need a pair of sliders. If you don’t have sliders, anything that’ll glide across the surface of your floor will do. Dish towels are great for hardwood floors, and paper plates work well for carpet. This workout flows one move right into the next. Think of this sequence as being broken up into three progressions. With the progressions, we add in moves every 30 seconds, building up to a combo, and then take away moves in a similar fashion. I’m going to quickly show you now what that looks like, and then I’ll talk you through it as we go.

We’ll start with just a slide while holding a low lunge. After 30 seconds of this, we’ll add in a twisting crunch so that we have a combo going. After another 30 seconds, we’ll take out the slide so it’s just the twisting crunch, so that’s your first progression, your first 90 seconds of the workout. From there, we’re going to go seamlessly into a lunge to start the second progression. After 30 seconds, we’ll add in a swan dive. After 30 seconds of that combo, we’ll add in a single-leg bear, so it’s lunge down, swan dive hands to floor, step back to a single-leg plank, do a bear, replace the front foot, swan dive hands up, and then rise up from the lunge.

We’ll then start subtracting from that complicated combo, removing the lunge so it’s just swan dive to bear. Last 30 seconds will be just the bear as we take out the swan dive. Third and final progression, we’ll start with a twisted push-up. After 30 seconds, we’ll add in a thread the needle pike so that it’s a combo. We’ll then finish by doing just the thread the needle pike. You’ll get to rest 30 seconds before doing that entire sequence on the other side. This workout is no joke. I was trembling getting through the second side. That being said, if you need to take more breaks, just pause the video occasionally. Listen to your body. Remember, there’s a difference between hurts so good and just hurts. If you’re all warmed up, let’s get going.

I’m going to start on my non-dominant side to get it out of the way first while I’m fresh. Find a low lunge position on your left side, with the left foot forward and your back right foot on a slider. Have your second slider close by. We’ll need it later. At the beeps, we’ll start with slides of the back foot, staying low in the lunge. As you slide the back knee in and out, you want to stay really light on that back foot, so when the knee drives in, don’t shift your weight into that back right foot. You’ll notice I’m leaning forward. This is going to keep my body weight in the front heel rather than that back leg. Couple more seconds like this, then we’re going to get the upper body in the mix. We’re going to combo in a crunch.

All right. Bring your elbows out wide, and the opposite elbow’s going to crunch down and across your body towards that front knee, so right elbow to left knee, and it’s happening at the same time that that back knee is sliding in and out. You’re still really low on that front leg, so if your butt’s starting to lift up in the air, check in on yourself. Sit just a little lower. You want to be as close to a 90 degree bend on that front leg that you can. Now, a few more seconds like this and then we will just take out the slide and we’re just going to isolate that crunch.

Here we go. Hold on to the lunge, opposite elbow across your body down to that knee. Keep that back leg engaged so you really want to squeeze into the back leg, keep it strong. If you’re not at a 90 degree bend on the front leg, maybe you try to get there, and deep twist. I want you facing the side of the room at the bottom of each twist. Few more seconds here, and then we’re going to go into our second sequence, and we’ll start with just a lunge. Here we go. Back leg is straight, just like it was in the previous move. You’re driving up, weight stays in your front heel, and then sliding back down into your lunge.

Now, a few more just like this. The move we’re going to add on is a swan dive. I want you to bring your arms overhead. Every time you hit the low lunge now, you’re going to dive forward, fingertips graze the floor by your front foot. You’re going to lift your torso back up, and then you’re going to rise up out of the lunge. So combo, lunge down, fold forward, bring your torso up, rise up on the legs. We’re going to keep adding on to this, so you have a few more seconds here, and then we’re going to add on another step. It’s going to be a single-leg bear.

All right, so now when you reach the bottom of that swan dive, hands come to the floor all the way. You lift that front foot off, coming into a single-leg plank. You’re going to do a bear on the other side, which just means that slider knee drives forward and out, and then you just reverse the motion. This is the most complicated combo right here with the most moving parts. We’re going to start taking away from it soon. Just a couple more seconds and then there’ll be no more up and down lunge. We’ll just stay low for the swan dive and the bear. All right, there you go. Swan dive down, single-leg plank, one bear in and out, step the hovering leg forward. Just bring your torso upright. Remember, no more lunge.

At the beeps, we’ll subtract yet again. There’ll be no more swan dive, and you’ll just finish with that single-leg bear. The single-leg bear is really hard to do. My legs are on fire. A great modification, instead of keeping your opposite leg hovering, hook that foot over the ankle of the leg that’s sliding in and out. Now, check in on your core. Your ribcage is gently closing in so that your abs are held in tight and we don’t arch into the low back. Maybe try to sneak in a couple reps with the leg hovering as I’m doing and struggling to right there. Maybe you keep the foot hooked the whole time.

All right, we’re taking it into our third and final combo here. We’re going to start with just a twisted push-up, so find your other slider, one foot on each glider, and you’re going to point your toes to the side as you do a push-up down and up. Your body’s twisted. It’s not just an upper body exercise. Your obliques are in on it. Now, the move we’re going to add on to this to make it a combo is a thread the needle in a side plank. That’ll come up at the beeps, so you’ll do a push-up and then you’ll lower onto your forearm, open up into a side plank, wrap your top arm around you, and as you do that thread the needle we try to get movement out of the hips. You pike the hips up. See if you can get those feet to slide in and out. Then you’ll press back up one hand at a time, one push-up, one thread the needle. These are really tough. As you can see, I’m going slow so that I don’t have to do as many reps.

At the beeps there’ll be no more push-up and we’ll finish. The last 30 seconds of this side is just going to be that thread the needle. All right, settle in here guys. It’s just that thread the needle. Try to lift those hips. Even if you’re only getting the feet to slide in and out one inch, that is awesome. You are succeeding. If the slide isn’t happening, that’s okay. Just hold your side plank or just do the thread the needle. Last few seconds here. At the beeps you get a 30-second rest. It’s your only rest of this workout. Awesome. There it is. All right, you are halfway through, so we are going to do that entire sequence again, but with the other foot starting forward. Same flow. You know what to expect. Grab a sip of water if you need it. When you’re ready, we’re going to make our way to standing. You’re going to find the slider again. Keep your second one off to the side.

This time your right foot’ll be forward in the lunge, and we will start at the top with that hold and the slides in the lunge. All right, guys. Same sequence, so we are starting holding that low lunge, and your back left knee now is going to slide in and out. On this side, you might notice yourself reaching that point of fatigue a lot sooner, and that’s normal and to be expected. We are focusing on the front leg, but we have that supporting leg working as well, and we’ve already burnt it out. If you start trembling a lot sooner than you did on the first side, that is normal.

All right, at the beeps we’re just going to take it to that combo where we crunch at the same that that knee pulls in. Elbows out wide, fingertips by your ears. Remember, opposite elbow across to that front knee. If you’re on the same side as me, that’s going to be your left elbow across and down to your right kneecap. Check and make sure the weight is being supported by your front heel, and not in the toes. At the beeps, you’re going to take out that slide. Now, focus is the front leg but I still want you engaging through that back straight leg, so squeeze the quad right above the kneecap, both legs fired up here. Deep twist when we do that crunch, so it’s down and across facing the side of the room every time. You have a few more seconds like this, and then we kind of go into our second progression, which will be that lunge. It’s going to feel like a continuation of this one though, because that leg is still working.

All right, keeping that back leg straight, you’re going to press up, driving through that front heel, and then you’re going to slide back down into your back lunge. Every single time you get low, I want you to try to find a 90 degree bend with that front knee if joint mobility allows. We build quite a bit in this one. First thing we’re going to add on is that swan dive coming up in a few seconds at the beeps. Reach those arms up overhead. They’re going to stay overhead until you hit the lowest point in your lunge, and then you’re just going to kind of do a bowing motion forward. Fingertips will graze the floor by that front foot. You’ll bring your torso upright, staying low through the legs, and then you’ll drive up through the legs. Few more like this. At the beeps we’re going to make this combo just a little more complicated. You’re going to add in that single-leg bear.

Press weight into your hands so that you can extend that leg back out to a single-leg plank, knee slides in and out, step the foot forward. Bring your torso upright, rise up out of that lunge. You can only get through this combo a couple times because we’re only on each thing for 30 seconds. The first thing we will take out of this is the lunge. At the beeps, no more up and down. You’re just going to do the swan dive, and then you’re taking it to that single-leg bear, just combo-ing between the two. You’re here for a few more seconds. At the beeps, there’s going to be no more swan dive. You are going to find that plank and you are going to hold it. It’ll just be the single-leg bear. Remember, when we get to that if you need to modify, you can hook the hovering foot over your heel.

Check in, you want your hips just an inch or two higher than your shoulders. Abs are engaged, so legs are working, but your core is fired up here as well. This’ll be the end of our second progression. We’re going to enter into our last 90 seconds of your workout coming up. At the beeps, you’re going to find that second glider, and you’re going to drop your heels down so that your low body is angled to the side for the twisted push-up. Now, with our feet on the gliders as you do the push-up, you should be sliding in and out a couple inches. It’s not a huge movement, but you’re going to slide backwards just slightly as you lower. Then hopefully those feet’ll come in just an inch or two as you power up. If these are too much guys, just drop to your knees. Keep your low body twisted, but don’t worry about the gliders. Just do the push-ups from your knees.

At the beeps, we’re going to layer in that thread the needle pike. You’ll do one push-up, and then we’ll be lowering onto that one forearm, open up into a side plank, top arm is going to wrap around you like you’re giving yourself a hug, and as you do that, you’re going to try to pike the hips up into the air. This one is so challenging. Again, even if you’re just getting an inch of movement out of that pike, that is awesome. If you need to modify guys, maybe just hold a side plank. Maybe you’re doing those push-ups from your knees, whatever you need to do.

At the beeps, we’re going to take out the push-up. We’re going to finish with just that thread the needle pike. All right, last 30 seconds of your workout. I know these are awful. Stay with me, and you can pause in between each one. You’ll notice that I’m bringing my top hand to the floor for a little added support, because I am dying. That is an awesome way to modify, getting a little push off that supporting hand. Last few seconds, maybe you get in a couple more, and that is your workout.

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