Muscle Egg Review: Flavored Liquid Egg White Protein Drink

Muscle Egg is an egg white protein drink that aids in getting pure egg protein into your daily diet in a convenient, ready to drink form. It is the purest, most concentrated form of protein in the world.

Most of you are aware that I’ve gotten into bodybuilding, but more specifically mens physique competitions. There will be plenty of posts about nutrition and my weight training in the future. For now i’m going to focus on a product that saved my prep! I easily tire of the powdered protein we’re all accustomed to these days. And through IG I discovered this flavored liquid egg white protein drink and it changed the game! So without further adieu…

Protein is an integral component of a typical diet, but even more so when it comes to the diet of bodybuilders and fitness aficionados alike. Protein helps the body function properly and continuously build and repair tissue. The body also uses protein to make enzymes, stabilize hormones, maintain bone health and much more. One of the main differences between protein and other nutrients we take in is that, unlike fat and carbohydrates, protein is not stored in the body. In order to maintain a sufficient supply, we need to consume it regularly and consistently through food intake. So, how do bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athletes get sufficient protein in their diets without having to eat pounds of red meat, fish, poultry and eggs? One way is by consuming egg whites and egg white protein. Egg white protein has recently become more popular because, unlike standard egg whites, it can be consumed raw and ready to drink without the risk of illness. One of the most popular egg white proteins used by athletes and fitness buffs alike is MuscleEgg.


Muscle Egg is an egg white protein drink that aids in getting pure egg protein into your daily diet in a convenient, ready to drink form. It is the purest, most concentrated form of protein in the world. It can also be used in cooking as you would standard egg whites to make meals such as pancakes, casseroles, burritos, cakes, crepes and more. But how do they compare nutrient-wise? Muscle Egg liquid egg whites are actually better than most forms of protein sold in the form of protein shakes and bars. MuscleEgg liquid egg whites have zero fat, zero cholesterol and 25 grams of protein! They’re also available in a multitude of flavors including original, organic, cake batter, chocolate, chocolate caramel, mint brownie, vanilla, strawberry and pumpkin spice. MuscleEgg liquid egg whites are available by the gallon, half gallon or in bulk as well. You can purchase multi-flavor packs for variety as well. MuscleEgg is a family owned enterprise that produces its top of the line source of protein products in a state of the art egg processing facility and has been doing so for over 50 years.

Nutritional Information

MuscleEgg liquid egg white nutritional content varies by flavor but have an approximate range of:

  • 130 – 140 calories per 1 cup serving
  • 0 fat
  • 0 cholesterol
  • 380 to 400 milligrams of sodium
  • 3 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 to 2 grams of sugar
  • 25 to 26 grams of protein

How do they taste?

MuscleEggNow, if you have never tried liquid protein egg whites, you may think different dessert type flavors of eggs sounds nothing short of disgusting. This could not be farther from the truth though! MuscleEgg liquid egg whites are pretty good and taste like dessert in a beverage. The chocolate, for example, tastes like chocolate milk and you would never know you are drinking egg whites. Most protein powders leave you feeling like you are drinking liquid chalk. You have to mix them with milk and/or fruits to make them taste good and that defeat the purpose of drinking solely protein for muscle growth. MuscleEgg liquid egg whites on the other hand contain just as much, if not more, protein than most protein shakes and they’re the purest, most concentrated form of protein you can find.

What does 100% Bio-available mean?

One of the added benefits of MuscleEgg liquid egg whites versus its powdered or liquid protein shake counterparts is that MuscleEgg liquid egg whites are 100 percent bio-available. So, what exactly does bio-available mean? It means that your body absorbs every single bit of the nutrient in it and uses it to help sustain muscle, recover from a workout, restore muscle fibers and more. Most protein powders have a rate of about 70 percent bio-availability at most. Processed foods such as protein bars or protein rich cereals have a much lower percentage of bio-availability. With MuscleEgg liquid egg whites, your body gets the entire 25 to 26 grams of protein per serving and nothing goes to waist. Another benefit to 100 percent bio availability is that MuscleEgg liquid egg whites continue working in your body for 4 to 5 hours after being consumed versus only 2 to 3, which is the case with protein powder.

How much protein does my body need?

Typically you should consume one gram of protein per pound of lean body weight, but a lot of it has to do with your fitness goals, body composition and other factors not related to fitness as well. If you are building muscle for a fitness competition or you are an amateur or professional athlete preparing for an event, you may require more protein to repair muscle and sustain muscle growth. Protein also helps keep you full longer, especially when compared to carbohydrates. This is the reason most people trying to lose weight adjust their macros to have a higher protein versus carbohydrate intake. Woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding also need to consume more protein for the baby in utero and to sustain a sufficient breastmilk supply. Regardless of why we or may not need as much protein, We all need it for our bodies to function properly and sustain the muscle we currently have whether we are trying to increase muscle mass or not.

How do MuscleEgg liquid egg whites differ from standard raw liquid egg whites?

When you consume raw liquid egg whites, you have the probability of getting salmonella poisoning. Liquid egg whites also contain an ingredient called Avidin which blocks the body from being able to absorb Biotin (vitamin B6). Avidin is a protein found in liquid egg whites produced by the chickens that hatch them. This protein binds with the biotin in it and prevents the body from being able to absorb it. MuscleEgg liquid egg whites undergo a pasteurization process that neutralizes the Avidin and kills any traces of salmonella in it. Muscle Egg liquid egg whites can also be kept frozen for up to one year. If thawed, they must be consumed in approximately one month or up to 40 days. They are also USDA approved just as standard liquid egg whites are and undergo the same rigorous protocols when it comes to inspection and production.

How do I consume MuscleEgg liquid egg whites?

MuscleEgg liquid egg whites can be consumed as a beverage by adding flavor to it or they can be consumed in a recipe. When consumed as a beverage, some choose to add flavor to them by adding chocolate syrup, coffee creamer, powdered juice mixes and other additives. When using them in recipes, you would add MuscleEgg liquid egg whites to any recipe that calls for standard egg whites in it. You can make cakes, pancakes, omelets, fritters, casseroles and much more. The MuscleEgg website has a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes on it as well. There you will be able to find recipes for shakes, bread, sandwiches, omelets, pancakes, cookies, sandwiches and more.
muscle egg recipe

muscle egg recipe muscle egg recipe


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