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Adults Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Li’l Ninja (3-5 years old), Kickboxing, Power Bands, KUT – Kickboxing Ultimate Training (9 weeks fitness program), Weapons Training, Afterschool Program, Self-Defense, Hapkido, Arnis-Kali
Established in 1992.

1. Koraen Self-Defense Style “Dynamic Circle” Hapkido, under “Hapkido International” (Grandmaster David Wheaton)
2. KUT – Kickboxers Ultimate Training – 9 weeks fitness program originated Santa Barbara, CA
3. Arnis-Kali – (Modern Arnis and FCS Kali) Filipino weapon system

Master Yaro H.Business Owner
4th Degree Black Hapkido, 3rd Degree Black Belt Modern Arnis, 3rd Degree Black Belt KO AM MU DO, other Black Belts: Tae Kwon Do (ITF), FCS Kali.
Color Belt: Shotokan Karate, Judo

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