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Weight training is THE most effective way of creating the body you desire.My personal training method mirrors that of an athlete; functional, simple and effective. My programs incorporate free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, challenging body weight exercises, and high intensity interval training. It’s fun, always changing, and easily adaptable to any fitness level.There are no tricks to losing weight and having a toned, shapely body. No infomercial miracle cure. No diet pills. No funky dance craze….You have to lift heavy things and move quickly for short periods of time.You must challenge yourself to force your body to change.My programs are tailored to your individual goals and abilities. I will enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses.Please check out my website for more information. Established in 2012.I’ve been a lifelong athlete, focusing primarily on soccer and volleyball. After the birth of my son, I had a whole new body and a completely foreign challenge: lose 45 pounds. I enlisted the services of a personal trainer at my local gym. Long story short, the trainer told me since I had so much fat to lose, I needed lots of cardiovascular training. This plan went against anything I had ever done before. I initially lost a little weight but I quickly stopped seeing progress. After a failed attempt to get my pre-pregnancy body back, I scrapped the trainer’s plan and went back to my athletic roots. I got off that horrible ellipitical and did what felt right. Within a few months, my body was back and stronger than ever. It was after reaching these goals that I knew I should be training others the same way I have been training my entire life. Lifting heavy things and moving quickly.


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