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3 Reasons to Choose Fitness-Tek:

#1: The Best Doctors in Tampa Bay Recommend Us.
Your “Muscle Age” controls how old you perform everything from ordinary tasks to your workouts in the gym.

It controls your energy level, emotional stamina and your ability to fight illnesses and remain healthy and active.

If you have stiffness, pain or fatigue in your joints or muscles or if lack of physical or emotional stamina is keeping you from doing the things you used to do, your Muscle Age is probably much higher than your chronological age.

The good news is, Muscle Age Rejuvenation can help you change this – and that’s where we can do for you what NO OTHER personal fitness studio in the world can.

Want to see how? Just click the button below and answer three questions to find out…


#2: We’re the World’s First Muscle Age Specialists.
Most of our clients are referred to us by a small select group of Tampa Bay’s most trusted physicians. That’s why you won’t find us withholding information about our services or twisting your arm for you to visit our studio so we can lock you into a contract.

If you’ve called a few personal trainers already, you know what we’re talking about. Personal training is a competitive industry and trainers who aren’t getting results for their clients are desperate to lock you into a long term relationship.

We’re not. A small handful of Tampa Bay’s most credible doctors trust us to do for their clients what THEY can’t do for them. They know what we’re the safest and most effective personal training studio for anyone who wants to live a pain free, active life and enjoy a great body and youthful energy level.


#3: 100% RISK FREE First Visit – Money Back Guarantee!
In case you haven’t seen our satisfaction guarantee, I’m posting it again here.

We’re so Confident that You will be Impressed with Your First Visit that if for any Reason You’re Not Satisfied We’ll Refund Your Money for the First Visit, No Questions Asked, just let me, Kevin Votta, know and I’ll personally handle your refund.

If you’re seriously considering working with a personal trainer, you know that it’s a more important decision than buying a car or even a house. You’re going to be living in your body for as long as you’re living.

We want you to be around to enjoy your life for as long as possible, play with your grandkids and have a blast during your younger years too. Muscle Age Rejuvenation is designed to help you do this.

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