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No clipboards, no counting, no lack of attention. Personal training is an art form. I don’t personal train, I personal teach. I teach form and body esthetics. You can’t separate strong from beautiful. Proper form makes beautiful muscles. It’s all about how you move, not what, not when, not how many times. I know how to talk to muscles so muscles listen. I will teach you how to communicate with yours.

I will improve your daily living skills as you age by making you stronger, more balanced, more efficient in your body movement. You will feel an increase in your energy level and see an improvement in the way you look and present yourself to others. Flexibility and metabolism will improve, as well as strength. I have achieved this at age 62 and am ready to show you how to do the same.

You’ll also learn the way of the gym, leaving you capable of walking into any gym anywhere and feeling comfortable. If you are new to training, we’ll start with weight machines, eventually move to cables, and end up in the free weight room. Along the way you will be taught the big picture of how your body works and how to work with your body for maximum results. You’ll learn to envision what’s going on when you lift a weight or pull a cable.

If you are already at a more advanced fitness level, I’ll teach you how to take your fitness as far as your interest and commitment will take you.
Our work in the gym together will teach you how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. My thirty-five years of experience enable me to choose the correct approach to improve any type of body while always respecting individual physical differences and disabilities. There will be great emphasis placed on what you are doing when you aren’t in the gym. Those other 23 hours count too.

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