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MA Fitness Kickboxing specializes in fitness kickboxing, strength training, weight loss and flexibility to help you move from average or below average fitness to the best version of yourself! MAF also mixes in cross training elements for a unique workout experience. The classes have been termed “The best 45 minutes in fitness”.

All classes are accessible to anyone whether they have been training for years or they just recently decided to get moving again.

From the couch potato to the in shape individual, MA Fitness provides unique options and ways to get in the best shape. Be the strongest, leanest, happiest version of yourself with the host of available training methods at MAF (Heart rate training, circuit training, abdominal strength and toning, intense cardio, bodyweight training and more)

With roots dating back to 1984 when American kickboxing was at it’s height, MA Fitness was beginning form. After several name changes to reflect the era MA Fitness was finally settled on in 2010. The focus began to shift from Martial Arts and fighter training to conditioning and weight loss for the everyday individual while still teaching the very fundamentals of kickboxing. These fundamentals were passed down by the late Joe Lewis and his protégé Jim Graden who had a major hand in forming MA Fitness. Now, we offer programs like ACTION 10 Week Weight Loss and COBRA self defense.

ACTION 10 Week Weight loss was developed by the minds at MA Fitness looking for an innovative way to combine fitness kickboxing, nutrition, fitness testing, and technology for a results driven program.

MA Fitness is also a licensed COBRA Self Defense center which is a national organization, highly recognized for it’s expertise in reality based self defense training.

Editors Review

If you want to train like a fighter without the typical “fight gym” environment, MA Fitness is the place to do it. MA Fitness is a full-service kickboxing gym and self defense school with locations in St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park, with an extensive schedule and a growing membership base. It’s fun, welcoming to all fitness levels, and the members are obviously obsessed.

In St. Petersburg, the gym is located in a huge warehouse off of US 19 and 38th Avenue North. THere’s no air conditioning, and that’s how they like it. It’s definitely hot, especially during the summer months, but the members know what to expect and the staff always has the fans blasting at full speed and plenty water on hand to keep you hydrated. Parking is extensive, as the lot is shared with several other businesses, so you never have to fight for a spot.

When you walk in, it’s loud. The music is blaring and it feels like you just stepped into an event, not just a workout. People are milling about in the front area where you can store your belongings during class, and the staff behind the front desk are buzzing about, chatting with those coming in and providing intros to newcomers. Your first class is free, so show up 15 minutes early to pick up a set of gloves if you don’t have your own, and to receive a run-through of the movements you’ll be using during class that day.

MA Fitness St. Petersburg Florida

If there was a class before yours, beware – there will be sweat on the floor. But soon enough, it’ll be covered by your own sweat, because this workout is 45 minutes of high intensity cardio kickboxing that will test your limits and make you use muscles you didn’t even know you had.

All classes on the schedule only run 45 minutes long, aside from an advanced class called Warrior Workout that only the most brave attend (it runs 1 hour). In just 45 minutes, you’ll run through a warm up, 6 rounds of kickboxing, a core section, and a cool down/stretching. And in those 45 minutes, you’ll burn anywhere from 300-800 calories, depending on your gender and weight, etc. Heart rate monitors are available, and you can see the workout intensity in real-time on a large screen at the front of the room.

Standing bags and heavy bags are available during the kickboxing classes. For strength training and circuit training classes, these bags are cleared from the floor and free weights, medicine balls, and suspension trainers are used to build lean muscle and make you stronger. Most of the strength training classes run circuit-style or in sets and reps, depending on the instructor and class structure. There’s no need to go from gym to gym. You can get your cardio and strength training all in one place here, and the instructors constantly preach the importance and usefulness of both.

Every single workout is different, which makes MA Fitness something you can keep coming back to every day. No two kickboxing classes are exactly the same, and the strength training classes vary every single time. There are a variety of instructors who all have different styles and tastes in music, as you’ll soon see after attending a few different classes. Regardless of who is leading the class, the energy is always high and the workout is always intense.

Although it’s not easy, all of the workouts are self-paced, which means you can go at your speed, whatever that may be. The instructors also provide modifications to any movements if necessary, allowing everyone to participate even if they can’t do a certain move. During the class, the instructors will be found walking around, giving instructions over a microphone, correcting form, and demonstrating the movements. As I mentioned earlier, it’s loud. It can be difficult to hear sometimes, but it’s apparent that the regulars have no problem understanding what’s going on. For newbies, the staff warns them ahead of time that they may not catch on right away, especially if they are brand new to kickboxing. That being said, they pay special attention to anyone who looks confused and are happy to help them individually and break it down.

MA Fitness St. Petersburg Florida

There are unlimited memberships available that are surprisingly affordable – definitely one of the most affordable kickboxing gyms in the area. They also offer limited memberships for people who can only attend twice a week, and long-term options that provide a discounted rate. One of the most popular services is called ACTION, a 10-week course that’s oriented for weight loss or muscle building. This comes with fitness testing, weigh-ins, nutritional guidance and more.

In addition to the workouts, they also host self defense academies, using the internationally recognized C.O.B.R.A. curriculum. These run in 5 or 10 week courses and provide hands-on self defense training where you’ll practice certain defensive tactics and understand how to properly assess a situation and take the best course of action.

The Pinellas Park location of MA Fitness is much smaller, shiny and new in a retail strip on 66th Street new 100th Avenue North. They opened very recently in January 2017, but offer the same classes and structure as the St. Pete location. There is less equipment but the workouts are generally the same feel and intensity.

You can sign up for a free class online, or simply drop in early to get signed up. The experience is fun and super sweaty, and that’s basically what we’re looking for in a workout, right?

St. Pete Location:
4400 34th St N. St Petersburg, FL 33714

Pinellas Park Location:
9737 66th St. N, Pinellas Park, Fl 33782.

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  1. The most fun (and sweatiest) workout ever

    This place is amazing. Hands down one of the most fun workouts EVER, and you will work up a sweat like crazy. Not only is it a great workout, it’s also a great skill to learn! Kickboxing and self-defense classes here have both changed my life- so much so that I became an instructor there! I still work out here constantly and absolutely love it.

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