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Above We Are Deep Pressure Specialist!! We know how To provide a truly Deep Tissue to YOUR Preference Massage. From a Medium to Deep Pressure Full Body Massage to An Integrative Structural Assessment for Pain Relief and Deep Tissue Treatment, Each massage treatment is designed to meet your needs and request.Deep Tissue Specialist, Integrative Structural Methods for Pain Relief, Injury Repair, Postural Imbalances and Stress in an Uplifting a Client centered Professional environment. Clients seek our services for relief from pain and muscle soreness Repetitive stress injuries, Deep Tissue Massage and overall wellness Improvement.

From Medium Pressure Massage to Push you through the Table Deep to An Integrative Structural Assessment for pain relief and Deep Tissue Treatment, Each massage treatment is designed to meet your needs and request.

Every visit will begin with a conversation between you and your practitioner to design the treatment according to what your body’s presenting and your desired outcome.

Our Goal at The Art of Massage is to provide you with the utmost quality of care through research, higher educational standards and acute attention to detail. It is our pleasure to serve you and to help you.
Established in 2005.

The Art Of Massage, a Therapeutic Massage Therapy Clinic, is surrounded by St. Pete Beach, Pasadena and St. Petersburg, located in Gulfport Florida. We are Deep Tissue Muscular Pain Relief Massage Specialists. Our staff draws from an advanced pool of knowledge and training. They are highly trained professionals in the field of Massage Therapy for pain relief.

Our clients seek our services primarily for relief from Muscular Pain and Tension caused by daily life or injuries resulting in symptoms such as:

* Low back Pain (Sciatic, Chronic Tension)
* Hip Pain (Relief before replacement, Arthritis Pain)
* Neck Pain (Whiplash, Sprain, Strain, Computer Neck)
* Knee Pain (Sports injuries, Relief before surgery, Arthritis)
* Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder Syndrome – Rotator Cuff Pain)
* Migraine Headaches
* Shoulder Blade, Upper back Pain (Stress)
* Numbness and tingling In hands and arms

Leta W.Business Owner
I prefer a Deep Pressure Massage, I like to call it “being delightfully pushed through the table”, I have seen many massage therapists and spent hundreds of dollar looking for a DEEP massage. I did not feel my muscles received all they needed, leaving no change to my tightness and restrictions. So I left disappointed, aggravated out 70- 90 bucks (Yikes!). I must ad ,sweet people, They just could not deliver the depth or detail my muscles needed. What a great idea to have a place where our clients knew they could get a true detailed deep tissue massage, experience exceptional service and a joyous environment.  We Are Deep Pressure Specialists ..All the professional deep tissue therapist that practice at The Art of Massage receive advanced training, posses the body mechanic skills, strength, and intuitive knowledge that is required to give a Genuine Deep Tissue Massage. Not only Deep but our goal is to correct muscle dysfunction and provide education so that you will have lasting relief.

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Beach Boulevard South 2914
Gulfport 33707 FL US
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