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At ReviveSport we look at the body as a whole. Having a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics and kinesiology is what sets us apart from the rest. Aches and pains are symptoms of something happening deeper within the body. We truely believe finding the root problem is the only way to properly treat biomechanical disfunction and treat soft tissue issues.

Kaelyn Sheedy, founded Revive Sport in May of 2012, although her passion for massage and bodywork started long before then. Growing up with a father who played hockey, as a child, she naturally gravitated towards all things sport. Throughout high school she was a star varsity lacrosse player, avid long distance cycler, and completed in a half marathon. It wasn’t until injury struck, via car accident in her early teens, that she was introduced to massage therapy. As she integrated massage into her rehabilitative program, her appreciation for bodywork developed into something far greater over time – a way of life.


In 2009, Kaelyn was at the height of her career as a top action sports photo-journalist. She liked what she did but did not love it so she left the action sports industry and set out to become a massage therapist. Her belief in doing something she was passionate about was most important. After completeing school 3 years later, she recieved her license and began working for sports chiropractor, Dr. Michael Hatrak. While their backgrounds were different, their vision for bodywork and helping the sports industry was aligned. After two years of working for Synergy and the team, Dr. Hatrak moved his South Tampa office back to GA and Kaelyn opened ReviveSport.


Over the last two years, ReviveSport has continued to grow and build an enviable list of clients. Kaelyn has discovered her gift. What she believes to be her personal mission in the massage industry, helping others achieve greatness.  The ultimate goal is to create a home for like-minded therapists who truly believe in improving their clients’ lives through the power of bodywork. The best of the best keep finding their way to ReviveSport and every day she is reminded that God is always good.


Today, Kaelyn continues to push the limits of what a massage therapy practice can offer while remaining thankful and humble. She believes in conintuing her education and the power of teamwork. When not at work, she’s usually scheming her next travel adventure or believe it or not, watching sports.

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