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Spinal Correction Centers utilizes state of the art in research and technology in postural and spinal rehabilitation. Our chiropractic office offers more than just an adjustment. Many times we tell the patients getting rid of pain is the easy part because chiropractic works, but restoring your spinal curvatures to the “ideal” amount so that the issue doesn’t happen again is the hard part. However, that is what we specialize in; how to fix the spine in a way that it resists injury and degeneration into your later years. As an example many people suffer from Forward Head Posture due to their jobs ergonomics of sitting or standing all day. The detrimental affects of this condition are well known amongst chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons alike. Most functions in the body are affected by this distorted posture. Our office has the means to reduce or eliminate Forward Head Syndrome and many other postural distortions. Please call the office to find out what discounts we have available.
Established in 1997.Drs. Chase and Taylor Bollig have been working together since Jan of 2016 in Dunedin, Fl. We decided to move back to her hometown of Suffolk and open a practice.

Dr. Chase and Taylor B.Business Owner
Dr. Chase and Taylor Bollig are a married chiropractic couple. They met in Florida in school and have returned to their home in Chesapeake. They have take post graduate studies not available in chiropractic school that allows them to treat severe conditions like scoliosis, not only stopping progression but reversing curvatures to certain degrees. They also reduce major postureal distortions such as forward head posture, sway back and many other postures that CAUSE neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches, bulges and herniated discs and numbness and tingling and poor balance.

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Main Street 1075
Dunedin 34698 FL US
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